Find Your Break with VOD Replay Chapters

Find Your Break with VOD Replay Chapters

Since our last major update, the updates have been rolling regularly to both iOS and web versions of Fanatics Live! (With a special Halloween app re-design, just for fun.) You’ve likely noticed small changes and improvements in both the app and web experience, but the most recent update merits its own announcement.

You’ve been asking, we’ve been working, and finally, VOD replay chapters are here!

Now, not only can you re-watch an entire show that you may have missed, but you can scroll in iOS to the points most relevant to you. Whether you’re looking for a break you bought into but couldn’t watch, are interested in seeing a particular product, or are looking for a specific moment from the show, break chapters help you find what you’re looking for in a replay.

Can’t watch a break live? We’ve got you covered with an even better way to see what you missed.

This update was pushed Monday December 4, 2023 and is usable by fans now.

The 1/1 Chase is Back... AGAIN!

Back by popular demand! We’re bringing back the Fanatics Live 1/1 Chase, where every 1/1 card hit this Wednesday gets you $500 in Fanatics Live credit!

Now Ripping on Android

Enjoy Fanatics Live on any device! Android users, the wait is finally over!


The 1/1 Chase is Back!

Win $500 in Fanatics Live credit for every 1/1 card hit on Valentines Day! Plus we’ll give away another $500 to a lucky viewer each time one is hit.