Why break cards with Fanatics Live?

Remember the first time you opened a pack of cards? Not playing cards — collector cards, like Topps baseball packs or Pokemon cards. Even when you were a kid with zero patience or a flair for the dramatic, you still innately understood the suspenseful thrill of ripping wax and discovering each card.

The more you ripped, the more immersed you became, saving up to buy a pack every week, hoping to pull something special. 

You couldn’t help but feel part of something bigger than yourself. Up to bat in the bottom of the ninth with a chance to win the game with a big hit. Fighting for your next badge and the next pull might be the Pokemon that makes all the difference. Cards made you feel part of the game, and part of a community who understand that thrill.

So, when you didn’t pull anything good, you felt that pain in your soul.

Many of us still do. And that’s a big reason why breaking exists, and why Fanatics Live is making it more accessible and more fun than ever. Let us explain.

What is card breaking?

A card break, or simply a break, is when one person or business buys an entire box of cards, then allows individual collectors to get a selection of cards from the box by buying in. Breaks have been around since at least 2007, when Cards Infinity began filming customers opening packs and uploading their reactions to YouTube.

In recent years, breaks have happened via livestream, with the “breaker” managing buy-ins and opening packs as collectors watch and see what they’ve won. Breakers have built dedicated followings by turning opening a pack of cards into a fun, communal experience where everybody gets a piece of the action!

Fanatics Live will be the first platform built with card breaking in mind. It’s a more intuitive, inclusive experience for new and experienced collectors alike, and a simple, streamlined tool for sellers to start and manage breaks without having to run through entire notebooks’ worth of paper.

How do card breaks work?

Breaks can run in many different ways depending on the cases, boxes, or packs being broken. Collectors bid or buy directly into specific “spots” based on the rules of the break. For instance, in a team break, collectors bid on or buy specific teams. If a collector buys the New York Yankees, they’ll receive any cards that feature Yankees players. 

Breaks can run for hours and include multiple packs, sets, boxes, or cases so there are a lot of cards available. They may have different rules for how spots are assigned, like by division, randomly, or by drafting teams.

Basically, you get a spot and receive the cards that correspond to that spot!

Why break with Fanatics Live?

Fanatics Live was built with the collecting community in mind. The platform is designed to streamline the breaking experience, so it’s more fun, more rewarding, and more accessible for experienced and new collectors alike.

Fanatics Live is built on three pillars: Commerce, Content, and Community.


Breaking cards is all about improving accessibility to the best cards and facilitating trades among collectors. You can buy sports cards in many marketplaces but none streamline the breaking experience like Fanatics Live.

On Fanatics Live, collectors always know exactly what they’re bidding on and have the peace of mind that they’re always going to get something cool. No skunks, no shadiness, and no confusion. You won’t know exactly what you’re going to get before the break, but that’s the thrill of the chase! With verified sellers and a card receipt guarantee, you will know that something is coming your way any time you buy into a break.


Half the fun of breaking is keeping up with your favorite breakers. With an incredible range of break options from some of the world’s most popular breakers, plus giveaways, special drops, and more, there’s always something awesome happening on Fanatics Live.

The best lineup of breakers on any app means you’ll always have a break to buy into, a community to talk shop with, or a channel to watch. Follow your favorite breakers, discover new ones, and the fun is virtually endless. Just remember to touch grass from time to time. (Like, by joining a break in the backyard.)


We all want to feel part of a community, and if you’re a collector, Fanatics Live is the place to find your people. Card breaking is about sharing in excitement, and social features like live chat, direct messages, and followers help you build your community and celebrate your wins with other collectors.

Break with your favorite breakers, hang out with friends, and meet new collectors from all over the world — all in one place. It’s a virtual hobby shop where so much is happening you’d need an R2 unit to keep track of it all.

Card breaking is one of the most economical ways to collect, but it’s also one of the most social and entertaining. Fanatics Live is building a new card breaking hub that gives all collectors a better way to break.

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