Introducing The Ten

Hunt the Hottest Cards in the Hobby on Fanatics Live, and get rewarded with $10,000 in Fanatics Live credit for big hits.

Starting January 24, all Fanatics Live collectors will be eligible to participate in The Ten, an always-on quest to find the ten hottest cards in the hobby.

Here’s how it works:

We curate The Ten; the ten hottest cards in the hobby based on fan excitement, rarity, the narrative, and the sheer “it” factor.

When you hit one of The Ten on Fanatics Live, you’ll get a unique reward tied exclusively to that card. (Plus, the seller will give away a spot to the viewers for an entry to win $10,000 in Fanatics Live credit at the end of the month.)

Receive your reward from Fanatics Live with instructions on how to redeem.

Get your card. Yeah, that’s right, you get to keep it.

Tune into the monthly recap show to stay up to date on what’s been hit, what new cards have joined The Ten, and get a chance to win $10,000 in Fanatics Live credit.

Keep checking back! The featured cards in The Ten will evolve over time, so make sure you are in the know.

The chase is always on on Fanatics Live, and now it’s even more fun thanks to The Ten. Learn more about the cards in The Ten here and bookmark the page to stay up to date.

The 1/1 Chase is Back... AGAIN!

Back by popular demand! We’re bringing back the Fanatics Live 1/1 Chase, where every 1/1 card hit this Wednesday gets you $500 in Fanatics Live credit!

Now Ripping on Android

Enjoy Fanatics Live on any device! Android users, the wait is finally over!


The 1/1 Chase is Back!

Win $500 in Fanatics Live credit for every 1/1 card hit on Valentines Day! Plus we’ll give away another $500 to a lucky viewer each time one is hit.