Sunday Singles, find your forever Card

Welcome to Sunday Singles on Fanatics Live!

This Sunday, Fanatics Live is proud to present Sunday Singles, a special series dedicated to the collectors who prefer the thrill of hunting specific treasures. Whether you're looking to complete a set, find that elusive card, or grab a piece of sports history, Sunday Singles brings the excitement directly to you with a selection of individual cards for sale across various sports and interests.

Today’s Highlights (Times EST)

Sports Cards Nonsense - Multi-Sport Slabs

For those who appreciate the grade, Sports Cards Nonsense is showcasing a selection of multi-sport slabs guaranteed to impress.

Filthbomb Breaks - Baseball Singles

Step up to the plate with Filthbomb as we explore a curated selection of baseball singles.

Press Pass Breaks - Multi-Sport Singles

Crossing the boundaries of sport, Press Pass brings you a diverse array of singles from the world of sports. 

Anime Jess - Pokémon Singles

Dive into the world of Pokémon with Anime Jess, your guide to finding those missing pieces for your collection.


Saturday Night 1/1 Chase

Win $250 in Fanatics Live credit for select 1/1 cards hit Saturday Night! Plus we’ll give away another $250 to a lucky viewer each time one is hit. 

Throwback Thursday on Fanatics Live!

A series of shows where we bring you back in time, featuring vintage sports card breaks that could uncover some of the most desirable cards from sports icons.

The 1/1 Chase is Back... AGAIN!

Back by popular demand! We’re bringing back the Fanatics Live 1/1 Chase, where every 1/1 card hit this Wednesday gets you $500 in Fanatics Live credit!